Our Silly Boy!

Favorites for the moment

Liam is into animals and reading his books.

The Ball

Chelsea (Choo-Tee) and Angus (Aaassss)


Liam and his Two Choo-Tee's

Liam LOVES to play with our black lab Chelsea (AKA Choo-Tee). He has a stuffed black lab who he also calls Choo-Tee. The stationary Choo-Tee is more tolerant of him riding on her as if she were a horse, however she falls over more easily!


The Four-wheeler

Liam on his new quad!

This is his first ATV magazine cover and promo video:~)

Tiny Patriot


Playing in the Yard!!


New Pics

Here's some pictures of Liam from today.

Liam's First Quad

Snow Day Videos

Video Update

Having a two-year-old is so much fun...here are a few videos from this winter.


Liam's New Hat

Since Liam always steals Daddy's hat, Daddy thought Dini should have a hat of his very own. He hated it at first. That lasted about three seconds until we held him up to the mirror so he could see himself, and now he LOVES it. I guess even 2-year-olds sacrifice comfort for fashion!!

Snow day!

Here are some more snow pictures. Chelsea was having a blast catching snowballs. As you can see, she didn't care how big they got!


Josh and Liam (well...maybe it was Josh and not so much Liam) built a snowman on our ONLY snowy day in 2008. Its too bad Mr. Snowman had to smoke that cigar, because he might have lasted longer if he hadn't.